Regain Control of your Sessional & Agency Staff

Ozola is a cloud based solution for the end to end management of sessional and agency staff, originally designed for the Further Education Sector. From the point of sourcing your hourly staff to paying them, Ozola will manage the whole process from start to finish, allowing you full visibility of your human resource allocation and total control of your budget.

Why should you choose Ozola?

  • Web Based Solution

    Complete web based solution

    No need for software installation or complicated upgrades, which means it's always up-to-date with the latest version. Accessible on most devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • CV Parsing

    Quick and easy candidate registration using CV parsing

    Candidates can register in minutes using our advanced CV parsing technology. Information is automatically captured from their CV and entered into their record.

  • Staff Utilisation

    Real-time staff utilisation

    Our innovative approach to dealing with staff utilisation allows not only detailed reports on performance but also allows Managers to cover day-to-day changes within the organisation with a new level of confidence and data-supported rigour.

  • Paperless Contracts

    Paperless contracts, timesheets and payslips

    All contracts, timesheets and payslips are available online saving money on postage and printing and provide candidates with easier access to their information.

  • Authorisation Paths

    Multi-tier authorisation paths

    Authorisation and functionality can be tailored to user’s needs meaning all authorisation paths can be completed via the system in line with your existing protocols.

  • Budgeting


    Real-time budget allocation as you enter a requirement which can provide a warning or stop the user from completing the action if it exceeds the assigned budget. Providing budget information gives a further level of control and intelligence and gives those in charge of allocation a more integral role in the management of the organisation’s finances.

  • Fully Cutomisable

    Fully customisable

    System settings can be configured to your organisation's specific data via individual label names, User Definable Fields (UDF), mandatory fields, ability to enter organisation specific help text and many other bespoke options.

  • Document Management

    Document management

    Ozola allows you to upload a file or scan documents directly to staff records. Document types with expiry dates such as Right To Work and Disclosure and Barring Service are date triggered informing the users that these documents need to be renewed.

  • Quality


    Post contract and interim contract assessments can be set up to measure quality of delivery by your hourly staff. The results are stored against the candidate record which can help future recruitment processes.

  • Reporting


    Ozola allows for a full suite of online reports detailing financial KPI’s and safeguarding information. Reports can be set up to be on demand or scheduled and emailed to recipients. Data from reports can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel retaining reporting format and styles.

  • Candidate Selection

    Candidate selection

    Our powerful quick keyword search allows you to search your entire pool of candidates making selecting the best candidates available fast and easy. You can send bulk emails or text messages to contact selected candidates at the click of a button.

  • Contact Management

    Contact management / Microsoft Outlook integration

    You can send emails and SMS directly from Ozola – all communications are logged against the contact so you will have full contact history with everyone you send an email or SMS to.

  • Integration

    Easy integration to third party applications

    Ozola can easily integrate into your payroll system providing gross values that allow the Payroll system to calculate the gross to net calculations. Once pay has been calculated Ozola will take payroll data and create online payslips and P60s. The system has the potential to integrate into most online registers and timetabling programs. This will allow Ozola to reconcile timesheets without the need for your hourly staff submitting timesheets.